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RESULTS 2012 - Sunday 8th July Race Results

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24 March 2022
The race has been a great success and another record breaking year!
The Organisers of the 8th Fishbourne Flat Five are delighted to announce that the race has raised in excess of £1400 for the Fishbourne Community Project.
The Fishbourne Flat Five Committee.
The children of Fishbourne and the surrounding villages will benefit for years to come from your participation in the Fishbourne Flat Five. On their behalf, can we say a big THANKYOU.
We have called the project "Play Today for a Fit Tomorrow" to emphasise that the play area will not just give children some fun today but will help to counter obesity and isolation both of which threaten today's children with the risk of having shorter lives than those of their parents.
From them - and from us - thank you to everyone who took part and to the hard-working group who organised this year's event.
Cllr. Geoff Hand & Cllr. Karly Phillips​

PlaceNameRace timeClub
1James Baker30.06Chichester Runners
2Guy Brown35.50Haloley Runners
3Nathan Treadwell36.39
4Philip Chandler37.51
5Mark Treadwell38.02
6Charles Rodmell38.16
7David Taylor Beale39.13
8David Pike39.13
9Paul Murphy39.14
10Marc Wilson39.16
11Harvey Tate39.27
12Robert Searle39.30
13Dave Reading40.32Chichester Runners
14Robert O'Brien40.40
15Neil Woods40.45
16Paul Stallard41.12
17Dave Harris41.15Chichester Runners
18Emma Gueterbock41.27Chichester Triathlon
19Fiona Holden41.34
20Angus Farrelly41.33Chichester Runners
21Keith Allerman41.43
22Steve Searle41.51
23Andrew Gutterbrock41.55
24Kim Nelson42.02
25Ashley Hiom42.10Denmead Striders
26Ben Constable42.29
27Paul Leaning42.32
28Paul Bould42.33Victory AC
29Nick Wren42.53
30Maxveii Blood43.08
31Karen Harrison43.09
32Lorraine Treadwell43.09
33Ian Bayley44.06Tone Zone Runners
34Ellen Perry44.16
35Shan Langley44.23Chichester Runners
36Peter Chandler44.23
37Mal Meaby44.29
38Aston Cockyne44.29
39David Barty44.40Chichester Runners
40Keith Simpson45.04
41Leon Perry45.15
42Alice Snowden45.54
43Sue Barty45.59Chichester Runners
44Nichola Stallard46.13
45Johnathon Tyreeman46.18
46Dave McTurk46.37
47Andrew Guiry46.46
48Tony Beer46.52
49Peter Shaw47.02Chichester Runners
50Tom Adlington47.40
51Rory Wilkinson47.43
52Mike Lawson47.45
53Arron Kingston47.45
54Peter Fraher47.50
55Laurie Meaby47.52
56Sarah Eggleton48.03
57Hattie Sherwood48.27
58Alan Holloway48.38
59Katherine Ellis49.39
60Charlie Barrowcliffe49.56
61Ben Newman49.58
62John Burden49.59
63David Peters50.00Vets AC
64Joan Wolley50.05Tone Zone Runners
65Alex Beer50.21
66Mark Robbins51.11
67Karen Phillips51.26
68Louise Carewell51.31
69Theresa Frang51.46
70Kate Taylor Beale51.50
71Vee Tonks51.55
72Jefferey Dugan52.01
74Nichola Beale52.12
75Morag Hill52.15
76Jackie Manners52.38
77Jenny Hinton52.53Chichester Runner
78Gavin Young53.12
79Jon Brewster53.12
80Claire Aston53.33
81Chris Aston53.33
82Emma Searle53.57
83Becky Tompson54.15
84Karie Wright54.16
85Tim Spencer54.16
86Deborah Weatherill54.21
87Mike Fowler54.21
88Michelle Maxim54.25Tone Zone Runners
89Amanda Worne54.25Tone Zone Runners
90Anna Appleton54.33
91Stuart Augustin54.41
92Cheryl Scowen55.03
93Joanna Satchell55.03
94Sian Anderson56.10
95Sherri Bull56.30
96Hannah Jordan56.36
97Andrew Webley56.37
98Ruth Sweet56.58
99Nicola Simpson57.28
100Sofie Fursberg57.58
101Alex Taylor58.14
102Helen Harris58.14
103George Collins59.30
104Jennie Hughes59.50
105Helen Ukrainec60.00
106Andrew Sweet60.06
107Giselle Barrowcliffe60.11
108Jo Curtis60.11
109Frank Meaby60.22Chichester Runner
110Kerry Newman60.37
111Emma Knaggs60.41
112Nichola Hughes60.44
113Sara Bedding60.44
114Nicola Fairchild60.47
115Yollanda Spencer61.00
116Kylee Charles62.57
117Catherine Hutchin62.57
118Su Leeming62.57
119Liz Adlington62.57
120Joseph Whitfield62.57
121Jean Howes63.17
122Gina Britta63.21
123Steve Collins63.57
124Helen Russell Monks64.37
125James Stemp65.25
126Rachel Kingswell66.18
127Fiona Broad66.18
128Matt Adlington69.10
129Sarah Adlington69.10
130Sarah Bradfield73.14
131Charlotte Stemp82.16
132Andrew Stemp82.24
133Tracy Burgess83.00
134Andrew Burgess83.00
135Victoria Elrick87.30
136Vikki Andrews87.30
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