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RESULTS 2013 - Sunday 28th April Race Results

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24 March 2022
Any Problems or amendments required to the list below then please message a team member.

PlaceNameClubRace timeNumberMale/Female
1James BakerChichester Runners27.111M
2Daniel BailyVictory30.06109M
3Chris JackChichester Runner30.4189M
4Levi Mainwaring32.11118M
5Jim GarlandChichester Runners32.47110M
6Philip Chandler33.342M
7Richard Wilkins34.11177M
8Henry Anscombe34.15167M
9James WoodwardChichester Runners34.21104M
10Adam WhitmeeWorthing Striders34.26103M
11Gavin Dutton34.42154M
12Peter Lee34.52114M
13Fay CrippsChichester Runners35.09112F
14Leo Stallard35.12153M
15Kevin Betts35.12116M
16Robert Searle35.15102M
17David Taylor Beale36.16130M
18Harvey Tate36.17142M
19Colin HarleyChichester Runners36.51147M
20Paul Murphy37.077M
21Keith AkermanChichester Runners37.1921M
22Terry HealyChichester Runners37.20121M
23Anne Sydenham37.32162F
24Marc Wilson37.4028M
25Dave readingChichester Runners37.44119M
26Andrew MooreChichester Runners28.12170M
27Emma GueterbockChi Westgate Tri Club38.14100F
28Micheal Neale38.16105M
29Ashley HiomDenmead Striders38.21124M
30Steve Searle38.2210M
31Mathew Leeming38.2411M
32Fiona Holden38.3323F
33John BettsChichester Runners38.468M
34Megs Wilburn38.52171F
35Paul Stallard38.56152M
36Alice Sowden39.21182F
37Peter Guten39.40158M
38Angus FarrellyChichester Runners39.4698M
39Paul Guarnaccio39.4650M
40Kerry Dutton39.50155F
41Adrian Maunder39.52175M
42Jacob Spence39.58184M
43Nick WrenCWTC40.00149M
44Aston Cockayne40.0213M
45Dave BartyChichester Runners40.0490M
46Nicky Hill40.05156F
47Charles Barrowcliffe40.189M
48Hattie Sherwood40.34169F
49David KnightChichester Runners40.34123M
50Paul Cross40.5573M
51Alex Beer40.55173M
52John Woodward40.59106M
53David Rintoul40.5972M
54Becky Froome41.1051F
55Graham Matthews41.17117M
56Katherine Ellis41.18120F
57Tom Bate41.19139M
58Theresa Frang41.19143F
59Fernando Malta41.3016M
61Andrew Wingham41.374M
62Leon PerryChichester Triathlon41.5915M
63Peter Chandler42.2020M
64Paul Wickings42.22181M
65Troy Beer42.24172M
66Ellen Perry42.2612F
67Dave White42.4664M
68Mark Burden42.51151M
69Richard Collins42.5566M
70Patryk Kupczay43.0017M
71Alice leeming43.0180F
72Clinton Vicary43.1781M
73Dave Mc TurkAngus Harriers43.2224M
74Rebecca Sheppard43.23168F
75Tim Spencer43.25132M
76Roger Powell43.26146M
77Stephen Tee43.2797M
78Daniel Watkins43.2868M
79Kevin Clark43.2926M
80Peter Shaw43.37134M
81Cathy GarlandChichester Runners43.39111F
82Laura Wingham43.4929F
83Jason Lemm43.54163M
84Susan BartyChichester Runners44.0291F
85Su Leeming44.0431F
86Matt Adlington44.16138M
87Zoe Norton44.26140F
88Keith Simpson44.56135M
89Lorri Meaby44.5745F
90Sarah Sutherland44.5843F
91Stephen Woodland45.0285M
92Roger OckendeanArena 8045.31128M
93Emma Searle45.3327F
94David PetersVeterans AC45.4125M
95Becky Polhill45.53141F
96Sarah Webster46.0122F
97Nicolas Jackson46.21176M
98Joseph Whitfield46.2755M
99Sarah Wickens46.28161F
100Andrew GueterbockChi Westgate Tri Club46.30101M
101Laura Holden46.3435F
102Kate Taylor Beale46.39129F
103Jan West46.483M
104Leo Tregear47.1883M
105Jack Dugen47.21187M
106Jeff Dugen47.21188M
107Andrew Sutherland47.3642M
108Benjamin Godfree47.4162M
109Fiona Turton47.4249F
110Helen TrainerTone Zone47.4584F
111Ben Turner47.59180M
112Joe Turner47.59179M
113Kevin Baldwin48.09185M
114Peter McGrealLordshill48.1376M
115Rona Buley48.19164F
116Gareth GlassChichester Runners48.285M
117David ButlerChichester Runners48.2895M
118Rachel Mckellar48.5863F
119Paul Masters49.37178M
120Jacqueline Miles49.3959F
121Jerry Mercer50.5160M
122Jacquli SaltTone Zone50.5378F
123Liz Adlington51.16137F
124Rob Irelan- Hill51.2046M
125Nicholas Mainwaring51.2047M
126Linda Whitfield51.3254F
127Yvonne Lee51.53144F
128Susan Jayne Pike52.23126F
129Robert SpencerStubbington Green52.28113M
130Kate Thurling52.3134F
131Simon MooreChichester Runners52.5394M
132Ali Goode53.29157F
133Paula Smith fam53.3771F
134Geoff Smith53.3770M
135Lilly De Lacy53.4852F
136Melane Delany53.49166F
137Matt De Lacy53.4953M
138Claire Evison53.58183F
139Zita Warren54.1774F
140Jo Curtis54.28125F
141Christine Rounds54.41131F
142Lisa Ursell54.41136F
143Elaine Cruttenden54.52174F
144Alexander Hall55.0575M
145Liz Hall55.1133F
146Lorna Winter55.1448F
147Jean Howes55.1536F
148Gina Briffa55.22145F
149Lynne Knight55.39122F
150Brian BurfordPortsmouth Joggers56.3938M
151Olly & Joseph Broad57.2539F
152Yolande Montero57.28133F
153Florence Jouvin57.49115F
154Elizabeth Vicary57.5082F
155Rachel Kingswell57.5344F
156Laura Maddicks57.53127F
157Andrew NewmanAllstars57.5599M
158Louise Parker58.06160F
159Julie Cokes58.07159F
160Victoria Balanois58.3587F
161Giselle Barrowcliffe58.4230F
162Louise FludeArena 8059.0318F
163Lorraine BellVictory59.0377F
164Nicola ClarkChichester Runners61.0696F
165Catherine WolleyChichester Runners61.0688F
166Natalie Wilson61.4493F
167Simon Juggins64.12186M
168Emma NewberyChichester Runners68.15150F
169Lynn HarleyChichester Runners68.17148F
170Sharon StapletonChichester Runners68.34107F
171Jane MacdonaldChichester Runners69.1069F
172Laura Kidd69.12108F
Roger O'Brien6M
John LittleLancing Eagles14M
Ben Pulpett19M
Laura WinghamDuplicate32F
Paula PattersonFarnham Runners37F
Nick Sharp40M
Michael Lewis129.3641M
Rachel GreenerWaverly Harriers56F
Mike Houston57M
Jenny Edwards147.3058F
Iana Godfree61F
Sharon White65F
Abi Collins67F
Ian Robinson79M
Brandon Jones86M
Charlotte Stemp83.23165F
Pip CowleyF
Kyra KempF
Clara HillF
Fiona BroadF
George BroadM
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