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RESULTS 2014 - Sunday 1st June Race Results

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24 March 2022
Thank you to the Fishbourne Flat Five Committee for choosing F.O.F.S (Friends of Fishbourne school) as their beneficiary for the 10th race, 2014.
In excess of £2,600 was raised this year which is an amazing total and reflects the hard work and commitment of everyone involved. This incredible amount has now enabled the purchase of a super multi-tiered staging system and the children, staff and parents of Fishbourne C.E. Primary school are incredibly pleased with this long awaited new addition!
Thank you to everyone who took part in the race, whether you achieved the ‘mini-race’ within the school grounds or the picturesque 5 mile cross country route.
Thanks to our marshalls and helpers on the day and to The Woolpack pub for their tireless support.
Special thanks goes to:
>Phil & Vanessa Johnson who gave up all their Sunday morning to prepare and serve the most delicious bacon baps
Joanna Applely, the Courtyard Kitchen for baking yummy homemade cakes.
Parents/friends of the school who donated/sold cakes.
Laura Maddicks, Physiotherapy for sponsoring the post race refreshments.
All of the staff at Fishbourne C.E.Primary school for their help and support.
And finally everybody that took part in some way before, during and after the event.
Another memorable and successful Fishbourne Flat Five!
Friends of Fishbourne School​

PlaceNameMale/FemaleClubRace timeNumber
1James BakerMaleChichester Runners29.061
2Charles RodmellMaleChi Runners32.553
3Jamie HillsdenMale33.14165
4Mike HoustonMaleChichester Runners & AC34.2101
5Peter BirdMaleWallasey Athletic Club34.35
6Darren KeaneMaleHercules Wimbledon34.496
7Keith AkermanMaleChichester Runners35.0731
8Joe TurnerMale35.1826
9Nick PalmerMaleChi Runners35.21155
10Jennifer HarleyFemaleChi Runners35.48148
11Simon DelvesMaleChichester Runners36.03120
12neil purvisMale36.0714
13Gavin DuttonMale36.42169
14Jonathan HutchingsMale36.59
15Brett RumfittMale37.047
16Charlie SmeeMale37.17137
17Harvey TateMale37.2467
18Paul WallerMale37.4610
19Colin HarleyMaleChichester Runners & AC37.522
20Annabell ParkerFemale38.06149
21Paul MurphyMale38.3413
22William MintonMale38.38173
23Alan ClarkeMaleWorthing Harriers38.42125
24David HarrisMale39.2978
25Fiona HoldenFemale39.4142
26Matthew LeemingMale39.561
27Kim NelsonFemaleChichester Runners40.114
28Charlie BarrowcliffeMaleNone40.1417
29David KnightMaleChichester runners40.2112
30Andrew WinghamMaleChichester Runers40.4628
31Aston CockayneMale40.579
32Lorraine TreadwellFemale41.08123
33Mike MeadMale40.1673
34Theresa FrangFemale41.3168
35Angus FarrellyMaleChichester Runners & Athletics Club41.3257
36Simon GilbertMale41.3511
37Ashley HiomMaleChichester Runners41.4415
38Malcolm MeabyMaleNone41.4427
39Adam ThompsonMaleChichester Runners41.4993
40Joseph PorterMale42150
41Derek RowleyMale42.04152
42Andrew BishopMale42.2716
43Natasha GladmanFemaleNone42.3838
44Sam GolderMale42.4107
45Joseph WhitfieldMale42.5242
46Richard ActonMale42.5444
47Amanda WorneFemaleTone Zone Runners43.06132
48Matthew CourtMale43.09124
49Adam WheelerMaleLordshill Road Runners43.13134
50Helen DeanFemaleChichester Runners43.1522
51PAUL HURLEYMale43.1932
52Cheryl ScowenFemale43.490
53Andy StandingMale43.576
54Paul SavageMale43.56102
55Katherine EillisFemale44.03166
56Ami AnscombeFemale44.08176
57Nick SharpMale44.0940
58Angus GueterbockMale44.11147
59Andrew GueterbockMale44.12145
60Emma GueterbockFemale44.28146
61michael fowlerMale44.39108
62DAVID FORSHAWMale44.43105
63Paul CrossMale44.4591
64David RintoulMale44.4592
65Will SherwoodMale44.4620
66Lorri MeabyFemale44.4935
67Bridget HeatherFemale44.599
68Andrew RennieMaleN/A44.5325
69Sarah WickensFemale44.5774
70Natalie TribeFemaleTone Zone Runners45.04153
71Nick TaylorMale45.0462
72Jan WestFemaleWestgate Chichester Tri Club45.1218
73Laura WinghamFemale45.3524
74Leo Tregear45.51231
75Matthew SheldonMale46.05167
76Samuel Sheldon46.06168
77Keith SimpsonMale46.1275
78Lauren HeneyFemaleHercules Wimbledon46.1736
79Gregor MillerMale46.2259
80Sue BakerFemaleChichester Runners46.3330
81Peter ShawMale46.33151
82David McCleanMale46.3854
83alex SumnerMale46.5121
84Paul LeaningMale46.5323
85Joel Reed46.55227
86Tom Reed46.56225
87Ileana MelendezFemale47103
88ROGER OckendenMaleARENA 8047.2118
89Dave WhiteMale47.21172
90Catherine HutchinFemale47.2263
91David PetersMaleVeterans AC47.4841
92Su LeemingFemale47.52154
93Sarah EggletonFemale47.5296
94Jessica DaniellFemale48.04174
95Frances CarruthersFemale48.0439
96Gary TompsettMaleChi Runners & A.C48.09139
97Christy CarterFemale48.1250
98Joy Reed48.12224
99Claire BrowneFemale48.15114
100Rhianydd McGloneFemale48.23170
101Leon PerryMale48.2821
102Ellen PerryFemale48.2819
103Grace GibsonFemale48.3346
104Jack DuganMale48.38263
105richard carverMale48.4347
106Sarah BakerFemale48.46129
107Karle WrightFemale48.55135
108Dave McTurkMaleAngus Harriers49.2137
109debbie patchingFemaleBognor Tone Zone49.2653
110Peter JenkinsMaleWorthing Striders49.45116
111Jo WilliamsFemale50.1360
112Ali GoodeFemale50.2158
113Tahlia JugginsFemale50.23247
114Daniel TaylorMale50.25106
115Kylee CharlesFemale50.3366
116Paul Daniel FeatherstoneMale50.35126
117Alex WatsonMale50.53143
118Lara MartFemale51.08136
119Joseph BroadMale51.33198
120Oliver BroadMale51.33197
121Charlotte TaskerFemale51.3843
122Chris HughesMale51.43117
123Emma SearleFemaleChichester Runners & AC51.589
124Ally MeredithFemale51.52171
125Jo ThomasFemale51.5450
126Lynne KnightFemale51.5451
127Steve Murphy52.12215
128kevin baldwinMale52.37112
129Yvonne LeeFemale52.46158
130Eden Murphy52.55216
131Jenny LyneFemale53.5249
132Lorraine AlbonFemale54122
133Oliver MillerMale54.1243
134Olivia HowesFemale54.1448
135Linda WhitfieldFemale55.17128
136Siena HockingFemale55.2780
137Rebecca KnightFemale55.3784
138Sarah JohnsonFemale55.3783
139Amanda ShepheardFemaleTone Zone Runners55.3829
140Kate BoltonFemale55.3997
141Kerrie PottsFemale55.3998
142Ruth SweetFemale-55.3945
143Paul MastersMale56.0752
144Julian ThomasMale56.5834
145Johanna CurtisFemale57.55156
146Max Sydenham58.07229
147Anne Sydenham58.07228
148Nigel RosenthalMale58.26109
149Becky RosenthalFemale58.26110
150Izzy CorderyFemale59.26138
151Kevin CarterMale59.27119
152Vicky ThornFemale59.2742
153Sally BenfieldFemale59.4785
154Rachel KingswellFemale59.47140
155Gina BriffaFemale60.02113
156Jean HowesFemale60.3255
157Gill MilesFemale61.06141
158Debra FinnamoreFemale61.06144
159Nicky KingFemaleTone Zone Runners62.11127
160Anna Burford-TaylorFemale62.3794
161Ian MackayMale62.565
162Kayleigh CarterFemale62.564
163Ali GregoryFemale62.5111
164Emily Higlett62.59204
165Donna DuganDemale63.2262
166Jeff DuganMale63.2264
167Peter ChittendenMaleTone Zone Runners64.31131
168Sarah BradfieldFemaleChichester runners64.37115
169Lynn HarleyFemaleChichester Runners & AC65.2533
170Tracey Hodgkin66.55207
171Stacey Hiils Reed66.55208
172Ruth Thompson66.55209
173Samantha YatesFemaleTone Zone Runners67.11130
174Jo LangrishFemale67.11133
175Sarah MartinFemale67.4995
176Liz VicaryFemale67.55157
177Tracey HiomFemale71.34100
178Isobel HiglettFemale71.34253
180Catherine MurphyFemale75.06245
181Jozua Greeff75.19240
182Hein Greeff75.19239
184Tom Jackson77.26212
185Simon JugginsMale79.03248
186Jena JugginsFemale79.03249
187George MurphyMale81.41246
189Paul Wickings86.48235
191Diana Hinshelwood87.04205
192Suzel Greeff87.04241
193Toby Young90.01258
194Ali Young90.01255
194Merryn Young90.01256
194Poppy Young90.01255
195Jake Reed90.22226
196Jill ClaytonFemale90.24261
198Lauren O'Brennan95.39220
200Jane WaldronFemale95.53266
201Sarah LynchFemale95.53259
202Samuel Wren95.53238
203Keri O'Brennan96.09219
204Nathan O'Brennan96.09218
205Tania MurphyFemale96.52214
206Olivia MurphyFemale96.52217
207Polly TregearFemale97.17232
208Clara HillFemale97.17200
209Charlotte TregearFemale97.17230
211Helen WrenFemale101.1237
212Margaret CarterFemale101.1252
213Tilly JacksonFemale114.06213
214Olivia TyneFemale114.06234
215Pip CowleyFemale115.51199
216Debbie TyneFemale115.51233
217Chloe KempFemale115.51202
218Lisa JacksonFemale116.16211
219Kyra KempFemale119.45201
220Rachel OgleFemale119.45223
221Susan BarrattFemale119.45192
223Barbara KempFemale120.15200
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